Complete review about “woop” – social media management tool

We at “Kimik studios” have been using HootSuite for a long time as the primary social media management tool. We had a fantastic experience with HootSuite service. Our digital marketing services now have grown to almost three new continents which are Australia, United States of America and Europe so we have to dive deep into the world of social media management tools to meet expectations of our worldwide clients.

HootSuite is a fantastic tool, but the only limitation with HootSuite is it does not allow all to manage all the social media platforms. So lately we have tried our hands on a new social media management tool which is “Woop.”
How exactly woop helps in your social media campaigns.

Woop is a social media management tool which helps you in scheduling and generating analytics for all the popular social media platforms which are:
1.) Facebook
2.) Twitter
3.) Linkedin
4.) Instagram

As we are handling digital marketing clients from all over the world, we also manage other social media platforms like reddit, tumble, youtube. But since many of the small-scale clients limits them to these four major social media channels which are facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram woop is right for them.

Prices of woop – social media management platform

Woop includes all types of pricing. One of the basic ones is free to attract more and more customers. The primary difference between these platforms is the number of social media channels you can handle, and in the free version, one cannot check the analytics report. If you are a local business owner and managing your social media marketing, then you can use woop free version, but it allows only one platform of your own choice. If you would like to check all the details about the pricing, you can check it on

How to register yourself on Woop

The signup process is straightforward and simple all you have to do is provide your necessary information and record over there.
Woop doesn’t allow you to integrate their dashboard with the social media channels that is the biggest issue we faced as an agency. We hope they will come up with this feature soon in the future. So one of the questions that come up in our mind is:

Is it safe to share your necessary credentials with woop?

Well, this is the one thing we liked about woop it doesn’t ask for your credentials all it uses is authentication system which is provided by social media platforms. Well, if you ask us never use those tools which ask for your credentials. So you can complete the authentication process with one click, and there is no need to share your credentials with woop.
How to schedule a post on social media channels using woop.

Once you are done with signing up now, you have all the power to create a post and schedule it using woop. Their dashboard is exceptionally user-friendly and straightforward. On the left-hand side of the screen, you would see a navigation bar on that you can click on create post option for creating a new post and a simple panel will appear where you can create your post.
Now you can select the channel in which you would like to publish your post also you can schedule the post by selecting the time and date. If you want to publish the post directly, you can click on publish now button, and it will automatically get published on the spot. Also, there is an attach media option from you can insert images or video in your post. The dashboard is pretty simple and can be easily handled by a newbie. This is how you can manage, create and publish your post using woop.

Complete experience about using woop

Woop is a pretty simple tool to use and can be used by any person who does not have much technical expertise in using social media management tools, but we still believe that the tool is still evolving and missing many essential features.
1.) One of the most irritating limitations we found about woop is for scheduling the post we have to follow the time zone of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) instead of Indian standard time. So, one might find some difficulty in the time zones.
2.) They don’t allow all the social media platforms as we mentioned earlier in the post all they allow is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is again a significant limitation for an agency.
We hope soon they will allow the Indian users to schedule [ost according to the Indian standard time. However, with some cons also come some pros.

Here are some of the features we loved about woop.

It is also essential to mention some of the fantastic features also about the tool.
1.) One of the most unusual features of the tool is their easy to use dashboard. Even a newbie and not much technically equipped person can also pick the tool quickly.
2.) Well, another good thing about the tool is it also has a free version. You can use woop if you don’t have to handle many accounts.

We hope you have loved our review about woop and we recommend you to use the tool and let us know about your experience in the comment box.


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